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Better Civic is a nonprofit organization that is data centric using civic education, innovation, policy analysis and journalism to reinforce democracy in Africa and promote the enrichment of the spirit of active citizenship for all

Civics Innovations

Designing innovative ideas for Social Impact, innovate for Government and development and also collaboratively engaged like-minds to work together on solutions to solve problems

Civic Education

The opportunity for citizens to be actively involved in government is to educate them; this is to make sure, they do not just passively accept the pronouncements of others or accept the demands of others

Active citizenship engagement

We have a role to make people feel a sense of commitment to their neighbourhood and are actively involved in activities to improve the quality of their lives

Advocacy & Restructuring

Our interest to make the lives of the citizen better livelihood is to advocate for change and reform the structure and institutions influencing the people

Research & Public Perception

Gathering the opinion of the public on civic issues is part of our model to make impact by providing evidence-based data driven approach

Policy Scan

We scan to gather and analyze policies in a particular area of interest with a purpose to identify existing policies to inform future program and policy work with an interest of developing, modifying, advancing and implementing policy on a shared knowledge base.