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On behalf of our great team, I would like to welcome you to Better Civic International Foundation.

Our purpose is to create a future of sustainable livelihoods and development in Africa. We are running with the tenacity to make the ideology of Africa's time to shine a reality; the future looks bright as we hope to provide access to opportunities while placing special focus on Africa – a continent endowed with rich and diverse natural resources for sustainable development yet remains the world’s most vulnerable.

We focus on leveraging opportunities around the world to solve Africa’s real problems by harnessing the power of technology, innovation and creatively; taking decisive actions with a thorough discerning thoughts on broad ideas, leaning on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

We believe in the strength of diversity in every community; that is why we put people at the centre of our innovative solutions by honouring the uniqueness of every community’s culture, traditions and beliefs to co-create programs that are fit for purpose.

We are providing people with a hand-up; sparking a wakeup call to re-examine the foundation of all social systems, setting the mechanisms for a sustainable democratic leadership in Africa.

Truth be told, nothing would work to enable us reach safely to the promised land as envisioned if we keep living with the same norms of wishful thinking, cowardice, luck and playing it safe; but the decisive actions to deal with all setbacks by leading a smart approach to actualise a worthy scorecard of success that can stand the test of time is just what we need.

We are taking a localized and integrated approach to attain sustainable development; enabling better livelihoods of the people by strengthening individuals, communities and institutions. We are bridging the synergies of government-citizen active engagement, promoting and protecting human and civil rights, catalysing urban-rural reformation and advocating for a better change in societal infrastructures as well as social services delivery system in Africa.

To this end, we can all start from where we are, use what we have and do what we can to correct all past woes while we even make better choices at this present time, and also brace up for the future to forge a promising African dignity of successful polity, economic and social prosperity.

Together we can face the future with confidence and optimism to rewrite this continent’s past and unpleasant narratives; judiciously for the common good!

Mr. Olusola Tutuola

Founder/CEO, Better Civic International Foundation