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Inclusivity: We are much more interested in the ethic of inclusivity by valuing one another’s contributions and seek not only to create and sustain healthy, diverse societies within our walls, but also to commit to inclusivity that can be taught to societies of faith and agents of change throughout the world as the only way to collaborate with diverse backgrounds and divergent points of view in order to find the best solutions.

Fearlessness: We are bold, act with urgency, experiment, take risks, and willing to strike unlikely alliances and accept the possibility of failure while pressing forward. We don’t let fear or complacency keep us from pursuing audacious ideas that could make real impact. In short, we have a fearless mindset and also determined to be achievers.

Imagination: We do simulation and cognitive thinking to recreate a novel and unconventional ideas from a new perspective. We’re committed to apply knowledge to solve the hardest problems of our times.

Humility: We embodied a spirit of service to humanity in all that we do without self-aggrandisement. We are committed to modelling our behaviour on being of service to one another, and not on any supposed personal superiority or advantage (whether based on our position, influence, personality, wealth or otherwise).

Respect: We readily value everyone and also promote team spirit. We operate on the basis of respect for all people by upholding personal dignity and uniqueness. This respect also is the foundation for our relationships with communities and others involved in our work – including supporters, investors, program partners and service providers.

Integrity: We live our values with honesty, transparency and consistency. We honour the trust placed in us on our service to humanity with a commitment to manage all our resources transparently and aiming to do the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.

Stewardship: We strive to be creative, resourceful in planning, developing and delivering high quality services to impact communities, pledging to be accountable, efficiently preserve and manage its resources for the organization to fulfil its mission and extend services to improve the human conditions.

Transformation: We believe in urgent action, innovation and the necessity of transformation-within and our own organization by taking the lead to transform the world and also change people’s orientations to see better ways to live and relate to the world around them. We are committed to the cultivation of attributes that influence human action by driving a better economic prospects, new futures, new hope and dignity.